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  • Referral Rewards Programme

    Earn reward points on our Referral Rewards Programme!

    It's easy to shop, earn and save money on all of your purchases!

    How do I earn Referral Reward Points?

    It's easy to earn Referral Reward Points in our loyalty programme.  Simply log into your account and click on the "Referred Friends" section.  Copy your unique referral link and send it to everyone you know.  Simple! 

    Each time you refer a friend, family member or colleague, you will earn reward points when they make their first purchase.  They must click on your unique link that you send them to activate the referral and they must spend £50 or more on their first purchase. If they do not use your unique link or do not spend a minimum of £50, you will not receive your Referral Reward Points.  

    Can I Post my Unique Referral Rewards Points Link on my Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, and Instagram accounts?

    You can send your Unique Referral Rewards Points link to everyone you know on email, and you can post it onto your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok and Instagram accounts.  The number of people you invite to use your unique referral link is up to you - remember that the more people who use your unique link to make a purchase of £50 or more, means the more points you earn, and that means bigger discounts for you! 

    How Many Referral Rewards Points can I earn?

    Each time you make a referral and they spend £50 or more on their first purchase, you will earn 250 points. Unlike other retailers who cap the amount of Reward Points you can earn, shopping with us means you can earn as many reward points as you want, there is no limit!  

    You can refer as many people as you want - the more people you refer the more points you will earn.  For example, if you refer 10 people and they all spend £50 or more on their first purchase, you will earn 2500 points!

    Where can I find my Reward Points?

    Your total Reward Points are stored safely in your account ready for you to use on your orders.

    How do I know how many friends I've referred?

    You can quickly see how many friends you have referred by logging into your account.  Your number of referred friends will be shown on your account home page.

    How do I redeem my Reward Points?

    Log into your account and add all your items to your basket.  When you get to checkout you will have the option to redeem your points on your order for a great discount. You need a minimum of 100 reward points to start redeeming.

    Can I swap my Reward Points for cash?

    Reward Points cannot be exchanged for cash.